Thursday, 24 February 2011

I've arrived...

So maybe I'm coming to the party a little late but I thought it was about time to get my attempt at a crafting blog up and running! I'm not sure how it will go so please be patient as I take my first steps. 

Why now, well I finally have my craft room organised (with a little help) meaning that I'm ready to start creating at home again.  There are still a few final touches but all in all it's a great room and I'm really pleased with my new space.

My first challenge is to complete an ATC on the theme of Spring, plus to alter a matchbox with the theme of Ladies, these are for a crop I attend a week Saturday (5th March).  I haven't attempted either an ATC or an altered matchbox before so it should be a real challenge!  I'll put some photo's on when I'm finished.

Could this become additive I'm wondering??!!