Sunday, 15 September 2013

Button Bouquet

My Sister got married on Friday (13th September) and a few months ago I suggested making her a button bouquet after seeing a tutorial by Sarah Linda in Issue 38 the March/April Docrafts Creativity magazine. 

I used the guidance given to make the stems but instead of using lots of different size smaller button stems, Ann found some large flower buttons at the local market which she preferred. I have to admit that it still took quite a while to make (even with less stems) and I needed a heavier gauge wire due to the weight of each stem but I thoroughly enjoyed working on the project. I also had sore fingers quite a lot of the time and I found the final assembly step really difficult. I did a lot of research and couldn't get a round/dome bouquet shape to start with but after a few attempts I arrived at something I was happy with and I'm really pleased with the finished bouquet.
I used a couple of different buttons for the centre/top of the bouquet and added the names of the Bride and Groom using beads to make it personal to them.
Just before the big day one of my Sister's friends gave her an Angel charm which we attached to hang at the front. I'm glad to say that my Sister was thrilled with the finished bouquet and received numerous comments throughout the day.
Thanks for looking!
Tracey x


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