Saturday, 28 November 2015

Book Cover

So whilst I was away at my craft weekend last week, the girls were making some book covers for diaries and note books. They had made them at our previous retreats but this was my first time taking a sewing machine and trying some sewing projects for myself. Jacqui and Jo gave me some supplies and Jacqui also lent me her sewing machine for a couple of hours so that I could have a go at using it as I was thinking of upgrading and buying the same model (which I have since done).

Jacqui walked me through the project step by step which started with a piece of felt over which I laid strips of material and ribbon until I was happy with the result (the fabric Jacqui gave me was Tim Holtz so I was in my element)!

Jacqui's sewing machine had some fancy stitches so I spent some time getting to know the machine and adding a mixture of these stitches to my material strips in order to add some interest.

Once the base layer was complete, I added some extra elements just to the front of the book cover.

When I came to stitch the top and bottom edges, I included a piece of dyed ribbon to be used a place holder for a page plus some dyed elastic ribbon to help keep the book closed.
I am so pleased with the finished book cover and my new found love of sewing! I am using the book to note down all my future sewing project ideas and supplies!

Thanks for looking!
Tracey x

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