Sunday, 29 November 2015

Fairy Slippers

During my weekend away Barbara had a pattern and article on making Fairy slippers. They looked so beautiful that a couple of us decided to have a go at making our own pair.

Now we didn't really have the supplies but Barbara also had a beautiful piece of painted silk with some pretty shiny sparkly stitching already adde. We attached the material to a piece of red felt and then cut out the two shapes from the template to create each slipper.

I then added some shimmer from a spray made of glimmer and alcohol and attached sequins and beads to the top piece. I stitched several lines on the soles.

Finally I had to hand sew the two pieces together to make each shoe. It was very fiddly and my fingers were still feeling sore the next morning!
They are just so cute, don't you think.

Thanks for looking!
Tracey x

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