Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Bunting

Well it's been a while since my last blog and to be honest I hardly craft nowadays, but I have just been away on a crafty retreat with my friends this weekend so have a few projects to share. I absolutely love these weekends as it means that I get to craft and spend time with my creative friends at least twice a year!

This time it was suggested the I tried something different as over the last year or so a number of the group have really enjoyed creating projects with their sewing machines. Now my Sister bought me a basic machine for Christmas 2 years ago and I have to confess that it sat in the box until this September at which time I needed to alter a costume for my Spartan Beast obstacle course race.

Anyway I decided to accept the challenge and take my machine but had absolutely no supplies. I found out about a sewing shop in the Town where I work and visited to buy supplies to create some Christmas bunting, I thought this would be an easy first project. They were very helpful and I came away with the 3 items below.
It was daunting being a complete novice and I did have to ask for some guidance and the girls were great help sharing their knowledge, time and materials to help me. To make my life easier I borrowed a flag template plus pinking shears and purchased some plain material and bonderweb to go between the 2 sides of each flag.
I created 20 double-sided flags and spaced them with a 1 inch gap between each flag.
In the end I found my way and I really enjoyed creating something for my home. I have lots to learn but it looks as though I have found myself a new hobbie (that I don't have time for).

*I will insert the photo of the bunting in place once it's hanging up.*

Thanks for looking!
Tracey x

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